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Buy travel insurance in Singapore online with us today! From among the top insurers, compare travel insurance plans with us and get the best deals in Singapore. We have 2 types of coverage; you can buy single trip travel insurance or one with annual coverage. When quoting you the travel insurance plans, we will give you multiple options for your comparison. You get to compare the various options and prices from within the travel insurance plans we offer.

Travel insurance is an important requirement when you travel overseas or domestically. If you face any kind of problem during your travel, your travel insurance will cover you. Accidents, cases of illness and trouble do not come announced. Hence, it is always better to be prepared for tough times, especially when you are far from home.

With us, you can find the best travel insurance plans, these range from a plan that is “Just enough” to cover you to the requirements of a country visa, to an abundance of benefits, so you can get the peace of mind you need for your vacation.

Travel Insurance Singapore Comparison

Buy travel insurance online with us now. We will provide you with options to choose from, Ranging from covers from local insurers to prestigious international providers. These days, there are numerous travel insurance providers. With a team of friendly and dedicated staff we are equipped with, we bring you an experience of simplicity, which collaborates with the comprehensive benefits our plans offer. These sets us apart from the rest! Get started with a Quote.

On purchasing our travel insurance, you will be given several options to choose from. Our travel insurance plans cover incidents which are beyond your act of control. Medical and non-medical costs are covered. Our solutions are customized according to your needs. Hence, you are at the liberty to build your own travel insurance plan. The global travel coverage feature of our insurance covers all nationalities, thus, it is highly convenient.

Best Annual Travel Insurance Singapore / Single Trip Travel Insurance

bulletGlobal Coverage

bulletAnnual Coverage Unlimited Medical Cover
bullet24/7 In-house Services, including medical specialists (administrative and doctors)
bulletAll Nationalities are Covered
bulletNo Co-payment on Treatments
bulletCoverage for risky situations
bulletAny Doctors and Hospitals Globally
bulletCoverage for Evacuation/Accompaniment
bulletCoverage for Non-medical (Baggage Mishaps, Theft, Property Damage, Missed Flight, Travel Delay, Trip Cancellation)
bulletTailor made solutions available

Coverage Options
bulletSingle Trip
bulletAnnual Coverage

Tailor-made insurance plan

If you do not like a feature or you want to add something, you have the liberty to do so. Our beneficial travel insurance plans are tailored according to your needs.

Our team are always ready to serve you, from enquiries to claims, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all throughout the year.


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