Best Annual/Single trip travel insurance

Having travel insurance is a requirement of great importance when traveling locally or internationally. When you buy the best travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about your travel being insecure. E-travelins have over 40 years of experience in offering travel insurance services in Singapore. The insurance plans offered by the company are excellent and comes in two different schemes (annual and single-trip) and you could compare them online. You can choose to purchase the annual coverage or the single trip insurance cover for among the cheapest prices in the market. Some of the best features that come with these packages include the following:

Global coverage

When you subscribe to this package, the insurance ensures that you are covered globally both at home and abroad. Whichever corner of the world you may travel to the global coverage will be there to sort you. This insurance plan covers you for the whole year.

Annual coverage with generous benefits

In the eventualities of medical emergencies regardless of the location, you are this package will be able to sort all your medical expenses with no limits. Subscribing to this cover gives the insurance company a duty to watch over your medical cover during your travels for the twelve months.

24/7 in-house services

The company offers insurance cover for medical specialists, doctors, and administrators who might need attention when carrying out their duties. This cover can be used at any time since its time coverage is 24/7.

All nationalities covered

The single trip travel insurance covers all people regardless of their nationalities. When traveling to Singapore or any part of the world getting this insurance cover will be a great deal for you.

Non-co payments on treatments

With this insurance cover, you don’t need to pay anything for your treatment as the insurance handles that. This will give you the freedom to choose a hospital of your choice. The insurance also covers for any risky situations you may be involved in during traveling.

Non-medical cover

The insurance covers also cater for other events that are non-medical which you may encounter during your travel. This may include losing your baggage at the airport, train or bus station, any damage or theft to your luggage, events of travel delay, missed or canceled flights where we ensure compensation is done accordingly.

Cover for evacuation and accompaniment

During your travels or holidays, you might encounter disasters which may be caused naturally or through human activities. The insurance will cover your evacuation and your property including any person who accompanies you to a safe place. The cover will ensure that you are brought back home safe and sound.

Availability of tailor-made solutions

The travel insurance plans offered are flexible in that a customer is free to change, add or remove a certain feature to meet your needs and specifications. The insurance customer care team is available at all times to serve you and handle your queries 24/7 the whole year.

With the variety of insurance covers to meet your travel demands and the best services offered this should be the insurance company of your choice.