Best annual/single trip travel insurance

It is very important to have travel insurance when traveling, whether it be domestically or internationally. If you have the best possible coverage, there is no need to afraid. E-travelins provides the best possible travel insurance services in Singapore with experience spanning for over four decades.  The insurance scheme offered by them are of two types (annual and single-trip) and has the best possible coverage, you can compare the two schemes on their website. Both the packages are offered at the lowest possible market price. The highlights of the package are as follows.

Global Coverage

When you obtain this package, it will provide you with an insurance coverage for both your local as well as international travels. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the insurance scheme has you covered. This plan protects you up to a year.

In the emergency event where you would require emergency medical attention, irrespective of the location where you are at, this package would take care of all your costs with no subscription limits. When you subscribe to this service, it becomes the responsibility of the company to look after all your medical needs for the coming year.

This organization provides insurance schemes for medical professionals and other professionals who may require medical assistance when performing their responsibilities. This service can be used at any time you wish as it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


All nationalities covered

The single trip travel insurance package is applicable to all nationalities. This is the best package when coming to Singapore or going to other parts of the world.

Non-copayments on treatment

You would not have to pay a cent, as the insurance coverage handles all your expenses. This would provide you with the luxury to choose any hospital of your preference. This plan protects you from any adverse events which you might encounter during your travels.

Non-medical cover

This plan takes care of any other situations which could arise which are not of medical nature during the time of your travels. This may be the loss of luggage during your travel whether it be in the airport, bus or train, any damage or theft of your personal effects, travel delays or missed/cancelled flights. The package would provide you with necessary compensation for all the above situations.

Cover for evacuation and accompaniment

When you are travelling, you might encounter disaster which could be either natural in origin or because of human activity. This scheme would provide you protection as well as to your property during the process of evacuation together with any personnel who accompanies you to safety. This package will ensure your safe return back home.

Availability of tailor-made solutions

The plans issued are flexible, providing the customer to select what he or she needs in the package so it is the perfect fit. The insurance customer care services are open throughout the day, every day of the year to answer your queries.

The availability of numerous insurance schemes to take the best possible care of you during your travels this insurance company should be your number one choice.

More about our Travel Insurance

If your travel is restricted to 180 days, the single trip policy is the most suitable policy for you. In the case of the annual trip policy, you are protected throughout the year irrespective of the number of trips you take. This is best if you embark on multiple trips and total duration of coverage is 90 days.

In the annual policy, infinite number of trips can be done, throughout the course of the year and is applicable for coverage of 90 days, where as in the single trip policy it is at 180 days.

We insist that you purchase your travel insurance after all your travel arrangements have been made. If by chance, you were not able to undertake the journey due to some reason (ex- sickness) you will be provided the non-recoverable expenses which you incurred for the trip. If you are travelling as a family, it is best to purchase the family travel insurance policy. This package provides coverage to 2 adults, and 5-6 young children depending upon your package. Anyone under 18 years of age is regarded as a child. Some insurers have the age restriction at 25 years, if the traveler is a student.